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The gaffer certainly looked handsome,its dark tan rig and blackhull contrasting with the off-white deck. Very traditinal and instantly recognisable: the very essence of what Cornish Crabbers have always been about.But there was something different and unexpected about the other boat. Roger and I looked at each other and agreed she somehow had the edge.

Crabber - 17 Sailing Sloop
Shrimper - 19 Inbord, Out bord
Crabber - 22 Gaff Cutter
Crabber - 24 Gaff Rig, Bermudan Rig →SailNO.70
Crabber Pilot Cutter - 30 Gaff Rig, Bermudan Rig. 
Cornish Clam The boat using Hull of Shrimper19
More detailed information should look at here.-Cornish Crabbers
Crabber - 17
Shrimper - 19
Crabber - 22 Crabber - 24
Gaff Cutter
Gaff Rig
Bermudan Rig
Crabber 30' Pilot Cutter Clam
Gaff & Bermuda
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